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EZ-RJ12/11 Telephone Connectors (Bag of 50)

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Platinum Tools part #100026C

These connectors work exceptionally well for specialized telephone installations, communications equipment and applications requiring custom or specific wire configurations since you can easily identify the wiring order.

Use the EZ-RJPro HD Crimp Tool (Deep Surplus Part #TL380-1) for single cycle crimping and trimming of the excess wire.


*For use in telephone and security installations.
*Faster, easier terminations with reduced scrap.
*For specialized telephone installations & communications equipment.
*For applications requiring custom/specific wire configurations.
*Works on solid or stranded wire.
*FCC & RoHS compliant.
*UL rated.
*Manufactured in the USA. Patented.
*Made by Platinum Tools.

Part #: CN150-11-3   Tell a Friend
Condition:  New
Mfg:  Platinum Tools

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