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1/4" Polyethylene Cable Wrap- UV Black (5ft)

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1 – 2$1.66
3 – 4$1.64
5 – 7$1.62
8 – 11$1.61
12 – 15$1.59
16 – 19$1.58
20 – 29$1.57
30 – 39$1.55
40 – 49$1.53
50 – 99$1.52
100 – 199$1.34
200 – 299$1.31
300 – 499$1.27
500 – 999$1.20
1000 +$1.16


Our spiral cable wrap is designed to bundle and protect the routing of cables, harnesses, and hoses.

They also allow flexibility and secure bundling.

This spiral wrap or cable wrap is quick and easy to install due to the flexible polyethylene construction.
It's heavy duty wall thickness provides greater resistance to abrasions and vibrations.

There are breakouts at any point.

Several different sizes are available.

Color is Black.


Nominal I.D. 1/4"
O.D. .250"/6.35mm
I.D. .160"/4.06mm
Thickness .045"/1.14mm
Pitch .375"/9.52mm
Bundle Ranges .1875-2.00"
Part #: SR121-12BK-5   Tell a Friend
Condition:  New
Mfg:  Abergetty

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