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RJ11 & RJ12 Keystone Jack - White Cat3 - Toolless

RJ11 & RJ12 Keystone Jack - White Cat3 - Toolless
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This is a CAT 3 jack for use with telephone connections. The opening is an RJ12 and will accept RJ11 and RJ12 connectors. This is a toolless style jack, meaning that a 110 punch down tool is not required to connect the wires. Use this jack wherever you need to plug in a phone cable instead of a data cable. The jack is industry standard and will fit nicely into any of our wall plates. This jack is wired for RJ11 and RJ12 telephone connectors, meaning the inside 6 contacts are used, a normal telephone connection only uses 2 of these contacts. RJ11 and RJ12 connectors are the modular connectors that you use to connect a standard telephone to the wall outlet. Both connectors are the same, except that an RJ12 has 6 of the connectors wired where the RJ11 only has 4 of the connectors wired.
Part #: CN382-W   Tell a Friend
Condition:  New
Mfg:  Abergetty