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1,000ft RG59 95% Copper Braid BC + 18/2 Siamese Coax CCTV Cable, White

ITEM #: BC152-3W
Standard 95% UL rated copper braid plus 18 gauge 2 conductor, bare copper conductor used for CCTV, 1,000ft spool. This cable is also known as Siamese cable. Color is white.

This coaxial cable is constructed with solid and foamed dielectric cores over solid bare copper conductors with bare copper braid shield.

It is approved for general purpose use. Aluminum braid is designed for CATV/MATV, cable TV, HDTV, Audio, Video or other broadband uses.

Copper braid is required for CCTV, Closed Circuit Television, and radio frequency transmissions. Comes in either black or white in 500 or 1,000 spools with sequential footage markings.

RG59 Connectors for Bulk Cable

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