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Non-Metallic Adjustable Floor Box with Rectangular Cover (Threaded Blanks)- White

ITEM #: HW178-3W

These adjustable floor boxes give installers a neat convenient way to put a receptacle in the floor. They fit most floor heights.

Has oversized rectangular covers that help hide miscut carpet or floor.

The cover gasket helps to prevent water intrusion. And the threaded blanks help prevent the receptacle when it is not in use.

They come in 4 decorator colors: White, Light Almond, Brown & Black.

Each easy-to-install box comes with:

                  * Threaded blanks

                  * Rectangular cover plate with gasket

                  * (5) #6-32 cover plate screws

                  * (2)  #6 drywall screws

                  * NM94 cable connector and NM900 Plug

                  * Cap for adjustable screw hole in cover plate

                  * Back plate

                  * Duplex receptacle

                  * Adjustable Floor box


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