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Honeywell 14/2, FPL Jacketed Unshielded Power-Limited Fire Alarm Cable, 1,000ft

ITEM #: CB545-142-1K
NEC Article 760
Fire Alarm
Jacketed Unshielded


Wiring of Fire-Protective Signaling Circuits. Sunlight Resistant.

Fire Alarm Cables Unshielded
Code Restrictions:

OK for use with all Power-Limited Circuits except those in Risers and Plenums.

Available in 1000 Ft. Tangle-Free Boxes or Spools. Sequential Footage Markings.


Copper Conductors, Polypropylene Insulation, Polyvinyl-Chloride Jacket. Standard Jacket Color: Red.

Fire Alarm Jacketed Unshielded 75o C
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