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Bronze Grounding Bridge for Larger Cable

Bronze Grounding Bridge for Larger Cable
3 – 4$16.64
5 – 6$16.48
7 – 8$16.38
9 – 11$16.28
12 – 14$16.14
15 – 19$16.01
20 – 29$15.81
30 – 39$14.91
40 – 49$14.65
50 – 74$14.40
75 – 99$14.14
100 – 149$13.98
150 +$13.72


Has four termination points for larger cable range of #6-#1/0 (solid or stranded). Attaches to conductor with "lay in" style lug with a cable range of #6-#2.

Provides reliable intersystem bonding between power and communication grounding systems. Comes with textured, paintable, white cover. Cover is UV rated plastic for long outdoor life.

Meets 2008 NEC Ground requirements.

Handles multiple hookups of communications systems- for instance phone, cable TV, or a satellite dish.

Part #: HW171-3   Tell a Friend
Condition:  New
Mfg:  Abergetty