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EZ-RJ45 CAT 5E/6 Shielded External Ground Connectors (Bag of 10)

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Platinum Tools part #100023C

These EZ Shielded external ground connectors simplify twisted pair terminations by allowing the wires to be inserted through the connector and out the front, to easily verify the proper wiring order.

Pulling the connector down over the cable jacket and seating it tightly in the rear of the connector optimizes electrical performance of the termination.

Reducing the distance between the wire twists and contacts also improves performance.


*Through holes allow wire pairs to be inserted through front of connector for faster terminations.
*EZ to verify wire sequence.
*More reliable and higher performance.
*Works with sold or stranded wire- separate connectos not required, reducing inventory and confusion.
*Reduces scrap by eliminating wasted crimps.
*Simple one-piece design- bars or liners not required.
*FCC & RoHS compliant.
*UL rated.
*50 micro inch gold plate.
*Max cable OD: 0.280".
*Max conductor OD: 0.041".
*Manufactured in the USA. Patented.
*Made by Platinum Tools.

Part #: CN150-45-20   Tell a Friend
Condition:  New
Mfg:  Platinum Tools

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