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Clip-on Flashlight for Grabbit Poles (Bag of 2)

Clip-on Flashlight for Grabbit Poles (Bag of 2)
3 – 4$18.39
5 – 6$18.22
7 – 8$18.11
9 – 11$18.00
12 – 14$17.85
15 – 19$17.70
20 – 29$17.48
30 – 39$16.48
40 – 49$16.20
50 – 74$15.92
75 – 99$15.64
100 – 149$15.45
150 +$15.17


These flashlights clip easily on your Grabbit poles.

These small LED flashlights come with a slide-on custom mount to easily secure to the tip end of your Grabbit telescoping poles. Just securely slide one onto the small end section of your Grabbit pole with a friction fit to provide focused light on the Grabbit Z-Tip or other specialized Grabbit tips. Capture wire easily with the bright focused light. Removed from your pole before collapsing for storage. Packaged in a convenient 2-Pack with two lights and two mounts.
Part #: TL405-3   Tell a Friend
Condition:  New
Mfg:  Labor Saving Devices