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50ft High End 22 Gauge, 2 Conductor, Zipcord, Honeywell, Clear

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Honeywell-Genesis Zip-cord; Heavy Duty 22 / 2 Zip Cable, Clear, Oxygen Free

NEC Article 725

Applications: Wiring Burglar Alarm, Public Address Systems, Intercoms,
Telephone Stations, Speakers, Instrumentation, Control, and other Low
Voltage Circuits that are Power-Limited.
Comes in a bag.

Code Restrictions: OK for use with all (Non-Fire) Power-Limited
Circuits except those in Risers and Plenums.

One Conductor Ribbed For Polarity. 22 strands for each of the two

Construction: Copper Conductors, Flexible Polyvinyl-Chloride

Part #: CB520-22-2-50FT   Tell a Friend
Condition:  New
Mfg:  Abergetty