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High End 16 Gauge, 4 Conductor, CL2 Home Theater Speaker Wire, Honeywell, 300ft

ITEM #: CB523-16-4-300BL
Honeywell home theater sound cable is designed for high-end audio transmission, stereo, professional sound, and studio requirements.

Sunlight resistant, pure copper high strand count, for better transmission at higher frequencies, and UL, Class 2, CL2, and CM rated to pass code inspections for inside wall installations.

Sequential footage markings on cable will save you time and frustration by letting you know exactly how many feet you have run and how many feet are left on spool.

The cable is made up of pure copper twisted conductors, polypropylene insulation and a super flexible polyvinyl-chloride, PVC, jacket. Manufacturer's web site is:

Gauge AWG: 16
# of conductors: 4
# of strands: 26
Nominal Outside Diameter: .224" nominal cap
Capacitance: 22 pf/ft nom.
# of feet on roll: 300
Insulation Colors: Black/Red/White/Green

Specifications: UL Standards 13, & 444; NEC Article 725, CM, CL2 Jacket color: Blue

Honeywell Part #: 5251

Speaker Pins & Banana Plugs for your Cable

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