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High End 16 Gauge, 2 Conductor, Outdoor Direct Burial Oxygen Free Speaker Wire, Honeywell, 500ft

ITEM #: CB515-16-2DB
Honeywell / Genesis "Audacious Sound" Direct Burial Sound / Speaker Cable

Gauge AWG: 16
# of conductors: 2
# of strands: 65
Nominal Outside Diameter: .275" nominal cap
Capacitance: 27 pf/ft nom.
# of feet on roll: 500
Insulation Colors: Black/Red

Specifications: UL Standards 13, & 444; NEC Article 725, CM, CL3 Jacket color: Black

Applications: High-End Audio Transmission, Stereo, Professional Sound, and Studio Requirements where Crush Resistance is required. Direct Burial Sunlight Resistant.

Code Restrictions: OK for use with all Power-Limited Circuits except those in Risers and Plenums. Intended for Outdoor or Underground Use.

Manufacturer's web site is:

Honeywell Part #: 5283

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