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12 Fiber Outdoor 8.3/125 Singlemode Fiber Optic Cable, Riser

ITEM #: CB425-9-IO12
Price is per foot, minimum order is 100 feet.

Made in the USA for Abergetty.

Indoor/Outdoor Cables are designed for both indoor riser and outdoor applications. A thick durable jacket offers excellent strength and protection during installations and restorations. Corning InfiniCor® laser enhanced fibers are standard and the specific fiber utilized is clearly marked on the jacket imprint. This ensures product quality and fiber compatibility for future system upgrades. This cable, although suitable for outdoor applications, is not made for direct burial except in conduit.

• 900um tight buffer easy to strip
• Aramid Strength member
• Compatible with industry termination products
• RoHS compliant
•Rugged Jacket for easy installations
• 2 to 12 fiber counts (Please Call for Non-Listed Counts) (24 fiber avail. in 2009)

• Loopback assemblies
•12 colors available for color coding installations (Please call for different colors)
• 1 Gigabit Ethernet & 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications

Testing Criteria
•Size tolerance +/-50um
• Operating Temp.- 20 ° C to +85 ° C

Core/Clad: 9/125
Mode: Singlemode
Typ. Atten. (dB/km): 0.5 / 0.4
Max. Atten. (dB/km): 1.0 / 0.75

• Corning Type: SMF28e

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