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Aztec Silver Metal Tablet/ iPad Stand

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This is an Aztec Silver Metal Tablet/ iPad Stand.

You probably noticed that there are a lot of phone/tablet stands out in the market. But when we looked for them, we found that many people were not happy with what's available. These were the most common complaints we found:

1. Most phone/tablet stands are made from cheap plastic that breaks easily. Good News! Ours are not. They are made from heavy 16 or 18 gauge steel. They are indestructible. You can't hurt them.

2. Most stands are made overseas and take a long time to deliver. A lot of people complain about phone stands being out of stock when they try to buy them. Not so with the Deep Surplus Heather Ridge desktop collection. Every piece is made in the United States and made to order. The longest you will have to wait is about 3 hours for us to make it in the color of your choice.

3. Poor customer service and communication is another common complaint. Well, here at Deep Surplus, a member of the sales department answers your calls promptly. We don't have a phone system where you have to go through a bunch of voice prompts just to get to a live person. We don't believe in them. We think you should always get a live person when you want to ask a question. And we check our incoming email about every 5 minutes. We know your time is important and we don't like to keep you waiting.

4. Our phone/tablet stands are stylish and professional looking. There are many “cute” stands available on the market, but do you really want your boss to walk by your desk and see a ducky phone stand on your desk? Probably, not. Instead you want something classy that you can display openly on your desk. People will notice your good taste with the Deep Surplus phone/tablet stands.

The Deep Surplus phone/tablet stands are specially designed with several key features in mind. First they have a deeper tilt than other stands. Most stands are almost vertical. But, we made our phone stands tilted back at a 147 degree angle, and our tablet stands at a 135 degree angle. These angles make your device easier to access, and it makes it easier to read the display while it is in the stand.

The next unique feature, is that our phone/tablet stands are made with special bumper pads on them that serve 2 purposes. The first is that the 4 bumpers on the bottom of the stand will hold it firmly on your desk, so it will not slide. And they protect your wood/metal desk from getting any scratches. The second is that the 8 bumpers on the inside of the stand provide extra support for your phone or tablet. They will help keep your phone/tablet on it's stand, so it won't get knocked off.

And finally, our phone/tablet stands have a tough rust-proof powdercoat coating on them that come in 20 appealing colors. The powdercoat is baked onto the metal to provide a vibrant color that will not fade, but will continue to be as bright a year from now, as it is the day you receive it.

Our phone/tablet stands, available only through Deep Surplus' Heather Ridge desktop collection, come in 4 different sizes depending on your device needs.

Small Smart Phone/ iPhone Stand: measures 2-1/4” wide x 4” deep x 2-1/8” high. Part of our CA934-4-4 series.

Large Smart Phone Stand: measures 3” wide x 5-1/4” deep x 3” high. Part of our CA934-4-3 series.

Tablet/ iPad mini Stand: measures 3-1/4” wide x 4-3/4” deep x 5-1/2” high. Part of our CA934-4-2 series.

Tablet/ iPad Stand: measures 4-3/4” wide x 6-1/4” deep x 7-1/2” high. Part of our CA934-4-1 series.

iPad, iPhone, and iPad mini are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
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Condition:  New
Mfg:  Abergetty