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3ft UHF to UHF Mini-RG8x Coaxial Cable
6ft Coaxial Video Quick Cable w/F Type Quick Plugs, RG59, Black
3ft Coaxial Video Cable w/F Type Twist-On Plugs, RG59, Black
Series "F" Coaxial Connector Weather Rubber Seal (Bag of 50)
50ft Coaxial Video Cable w/F Type Twist-On Plugs, RG6, White
F Type Crimp On Connectors for RG6 Coax Cable- Gold (Bag of 5)
F Type Crimp On Connectors for RG59 Coax Cable - Gold (Bag of 5)
F Type Crimp On Connectors for RG6 Quad Shielded Coax Cable (Bag of 5)
N Type Female Panel Receptacle Connectors for Coax Cable
Lot Of CATV Power/Jumper? Plugs – One Lot
Lot Of Mixed RG6 Cables W/ F-Connectors; Black – 1 Lot
Lot Of 3 Sniffer II Antenna Pre-Amplifiers – 1 Lot
Crimp Die For RG58 & 59 BNC/TNC
Lot of Equalizers. At least 20 in each box.
Regal RMT64-23 4 Port Tap - 5-600MHz
Strut Pipe Clamp, Size 1 1/2"
Untested Scientific Atlanta 6330 Modulators and Signal Processors.
Motorola FF124 General Purpose RF-IF Amplifier
Motorola FF124B General Purpose RF-IF Amplifier
Mounting Bracket for Regal Tap, Bag of 100 Pieces
Magnavox Switching Regulated Power Supply
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Passive Antenna Coupler, (Bag of 25)

Limited Quantity, Only   10   Remaining in Stock

Condition:  New



Part #: V82114-14 

Mfg:  Unknown
Mfg Part #:  Unknown