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Electrolytic Capacitors
NOS Vintage Ceramic Capacitors
Sprague Bumblebee Capacitors
Mundorf M-Lytic HV Clone Cap 32uf + 32uf 500VDC Radial Capacitor
JJ Cap 32uf + 32uf 500VDC Axial Capacitor
Sprague Atom TVA1907 30uf 500VDC Axial Capacitors (Lot of 2)
V-Cap .01uf 600V Axial Capacitor
V-Cap .022uf 600V Axial Capacitor
V-Cap .047uf 600V Axial Capacitor
V-Cap .047uf 600V Axial Capacitor
Mundorf M-Cap ZN Audiophiler 0.1uf 630VDC Axial Capacitor
Mundorf M-Cap MKP Audiophiler 1.0uf 250VDC Axial Capacitor
Cardas Golden Ratio 0.0022uf 600VDC Axial Capacitors (Lot of 2)
Relcap RTE 4200pf 600VDC Radial Capacitors (Lot of 5, 1 new and 4 used)
Relcap RTE 5000pf 600VDC Radial Capacitors (Lot of 4, 2 new and 2 used)
Connectors (Electronic)
Fuses & Fuse Holders
Hook-up Wire / Lead Wire
Rectifiers, SCR's, Thyristors & Diodes
Transistors (JFET, MOSFET, Power, Signal)
Vacuum Tubes
Miscellaneous Electronic Components
Drivers / Speakers
Copper Circuit Boards
Miscellaneous Hardware
BPC 1000uf 50VDC Radial Capacitors (Lot of 2)

Limited Quantity, Only   1   Remaining in Stock

Condition:  Used



Part #: V82491-37 

These capacitors were used once in an amp prototype and then removed.
Mfg:  Abergetty
Mfg Part #:  V82491-37