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19.5" Support for Outdoor Wall Plates with Built-In Cover - Green

ITEM #: HW187-64-3GN
These enclosures can be used with a GFCI device. They feature a clear, weatherproof-in-use cover and are made from UV rated plastic for long outdoor life, and come in 4 non-chipping colors.

Has a molded-in color which is permanent. This is unlike other painted posts where lawn equipment chips the color off.

Includes a clear cover for weatherproof while-in-use, GFCI and duplex wall plates

Has an installed cover so no gasket is necessary.

Meets NEC box support requirements.

Has built-in stabilizers that need no assembly and provide rigid support.

Is code approved installation.

There is no chipping because the colorant runs throughout the product.

Comes with weatherproof-while-in-use cover, standard duplex & GFCI cover plates and a removable KO plate.

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