All types of Capacitors.
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JJ Cap 32uf + 32uf 500VDC Axial Capacitor
Sprague Atom TVA1907 30uf 500VDC Axial Capacitors (Lot of 2)
V-Cap .01uf 600V Axial Capacitor
V-Cap .047uf 600V Axial Capacitor
V-Cap .047uf 600V Axial Capacitor
Mundorf M-Cap ZN Audiophiler 0.1uf 630VDC Axial Capacitor
Mundorf M-Cap MKP Audiophiler 1.0uf 250VDC Axial Capacitor
Cardas Golden Ratio 0.01uf 600VDC Axial Capacitors (Lot of 2)
Cardas Golden Ratio 0.0022uf 600VDC Axial Capacitors (Lot of 2)
BPC 1000uf 50VDC Radial Capacitors (Lot of 2)
Relcap RTE 4200pf 600VDC Radial Capacitors (Lot of 5, 1 new and 4 used)
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V-Cap .022uf 600V Axial Capacitor

Limited Quantity, Only   4   Remaining in Stock

Condition:  Used



Part #: V82491-21 

This capacitor was used once in an amp prototype and then removed.

See (retail is $83.00).

Mfg:  Abergetty
Mfg Part #:  V82491-21